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Worried? Fearful? Solution: Go to Sunday Mass

At General Audience, Francis Reminds Faithful That the Eucharist Is All We Need

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For the strength you need to get through everyday life, go to Mass.

Pope Francis stressed this during this morning’s General Audience in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall, Dec. 13, 2017, as he began a new catechesis on the Eucharist, pointing out that God waits to meet us on Sundays, to give us the weekly ‘nourishment’ that will get us through every week, and the rest of our lives.

 The Pope recalled the important place of Sunday, the Feast of the Resurrection, since the time of the Apostles.
“Brothers and sisters, the Sunday celebration of the Eucharist is the center of the life of the Church. From the beginning, the first disciples met on the first day of the week, the day when Jesus rose from the dead, to live in communion with Him. “
The Risen Christ, the Holy Father noted, meets the baptized gathered on Sunday: “Sunday is for us, one day sanctified by the Eucharistic celebration, the living presence of the Lord among us who comes to meet us. “
Participation in Sunday Mass, Francis reminded, gives the Baptized strength necessary to live as a Christian all week, until eternal life.
“Without Christ, we are dominated by the fatigue of everyday life, by fear of tomorrow. The Sunday encounter gives us the strength to live today with confidence and courage, and to walk in hope towards Sunday when we will live fully and forever with the Lord. “
“The Mass also tells us about this blessed rest to come. It is true that the quality of our Christian life is measured, first of all, by our capacity to love. But how can we practice the Gospel without going to draw, Sunday after Sunday, from the source of the Eucharist?” the Pope stressed.

Pope Francis concluded, again asking the question: ‘But how can we really practice the Gospel without going to draw, Sunday after Sunday, from the source of the Eucharist?’


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Full Text: https://zenit.org/articles/popes-general-audience-on-why-to-go-to-sunday-mass/

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